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"I paint because I love the creative experience. Nature provides my inspiration and a palette of glorious colors for my watercolors."

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So often in my life, I find myself in awe of nature.  It comes upon me with an overwhelming force that feeds my soul.  That’s when I pause and start to strategize how my paints can capture this marvelous illusion and what watercolor techniques I will use.

My eyes see patterns. They pick up shadows, tints, and then my ears collect chatter or quiet that adds a distinct feeling I want to achieve in my work.  Whether it is a vibrant scene or a gentle abstract thought, I am challenged to go on an adventure to capture its essence.

Painting brings joy to my life.  I need to paint like someone else needs to eat or sleep.  My therapy is to escape into the spirit of each painting.  How can I create a dew drop, pelting rain, storm clouds, or bright eyes?  Many times the journey that takes place is more important than the product.  When we arrive, my painting and I, at the finish line together, decisions are made.  Will others enjoy, contemplate; be moved?  My child is born.  I question, will someone love it as I do?

Elizabeth Kapa

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